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Empowering the Connected AEC Firm with aec360 by HSO

Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms get it from all sides. Seller/doers need to find and win business. Accounting needs to keep cash flowing.  

Big problems that can all be addressed with aec360 by HSO because aec360 addresses every facet of your AEC firm. To demonstrate that claim, we’re hosting a five-part webinar series.

Meet The Presenter

Andy Yeomans

Executive Vice President of Sales

As the Executive Vice President of Sales, Andy helps professional services organizations drive digital transformation using Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Power Platform, and the Microsoft Cloud.

Recommended Resources

Full Webinar Series Descriptions

In this Webinar Series we team up with our HSO US & aec360 by HSO team to present a five-part webinar series. Read about each 30-minute session here.

Why aec360?

Our longstanding partnership with Microsoft, combined with our knowledge of the AEC industry, enables us to develop, implement, and maintain technology strategies that can truly transform the way your firm does business. Read more about it here.

Blogs - Campaign Focused

We have a series of blogs to drive from our campaign, and made them accessible to customers. Send these to your customers to provide insight into the possibilities of aec360.

Let's discuss ways to further the partnership - Contact Me!

Rob Triggs ‧ VP Sales & Marketing