Payment Gateway

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365

The ability to process payments quickly, effectively, and securely is important for many organizations. Whether you are an Association processing membership, a charity collecting donations or a for-profit business looking for a way to take payment, Dynamics 365’s Payment Gateway can handle all of your needs.

Payment Gateway allows you to process Credit Card payments effectively and safely. Beyond safe processing, Payment Gateway benefits from payment automation. Dynamics Payment Gateway will automatically capture customer data, automatically issue receipts and can handle recurrent payments.

Generate better cash flow

Understanding your cash flow is vital for any business and especially important with small to mid-size operations. You simply cannot survive without a solid understanding of how much cash you have on hand.
Yet, when you are processing cash transactions manually your information is often out of date. This could be disastrous. 

Save valuable Time

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Dynamics Payment Gateway is it automates the payment process. This is significant for small to midsize operations, where staff resources are better served elsewhere. This is a huge advantage. No longer do staff have to manually integrate multiple systems. Rather, the data is processed without any human interface.

Make Fewer Errors

The thing about the manual entry is that it is prone to creating errors. You can have the best and most diligent staff possible, but mistakes can and will still occasionally get made. To err is human, but it isn’t good for business.
By creating a seamless flow of data from the consumer to your Microsoft system, you eliminate frustrating and costly errors and increase customer satisfaction.

Leverage the power of

Payment Gateway takes advantage of the flexibility of and can be customized for other payment processing providers.

Rapid Checkout

Safely save payment card information to allow for express check-outs. Although the system saves the card information, it is fully PCI compliant. The customer’s sensitive data remains safe, never viewable in the system.

Currency Conversion

Avoid confusion with currency preferences. Customers can set up their currency preferences, allowing for real-time conversion. They pay what they see on the screen.

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