Power customer service with Microsoft Virtual Agent

The chat bot gets a bad rap.  

And, we all remember a time when it deserved it. Before advancements in Artificial Intelligence, bots could be frustrating. They were not intuitive and could lead to customer frustration.  

But, that’s changed. With Power Virtual Agent, Microsoft has harnessed the latest AI technology to create an intuitive, smart and effective virtual agent that can help you deliver top notch cutomer service.  

Still need convincing? Here are 4 reasons why you should employ the latest in Artificial Intelligence to employ virtual agents at your customer service centers. 

1. Reduce wait time 

Probably the biggest advantage of a good chat bot — for both the customer and business – is that it reduces the amount of time that the customer is waiting to have their issue resolved. The bot learns the answers to basic questions that are asked often and can usually instantly resolve the problem That leads to happier customers and, as we know, happy customers make for more successful businesses.  

2. Leaner workforce 

A chat bot can do the work of several workers. And, it doesn’t require a weekly paycheck, take comfort breaks, need vacations, sleep or ever leave for a better job.  

You can never completely replace your human workforce, but you can make it leaner and more satisfied by the use of an effective chat bot.  

3. Happier human workers 

Chat bots may replace the need for some workers, but that allows the workers that remain to have a much better experience.  

No longer forced to deal with the same mundane questions day after day, your staff can be used to deal with more complex customer service issues.  

Additionally, having a smaller workforce will allow you to pay your human workers more and offer them a much better working experience. That will convince them to stay in the position longer, which ultimately will save you more money as a business.     

4Reduce errors 

Human workers have their strengths. They can problem solve and deal with abstract information in a way that chat bots can’t. But, they also have their weaknesses. Most notably, they make mistakes – particularly when dealing with repetitive tasks.  

Chat bots are very good at repetitive tasks and never make mistakes. They make sure that your customers get a consistent, and accurate service when dealing with routine inquires. 

If you want to learn more about how Power Virtual Agent and the rest of the Microsoft Power Platform can benefit you, give one of our experts a call today.