Power Apps Portal

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365

Power Apps portal allows you to bridge the gap between your partners, customers and your business.

From a customer's perspective the portal acts as a self-service option empowering customers to take control of their customer journey. Whereas, internally the portal streamlines how you do business by reducing manual and repetitive tasks allowing for an increase productivity and efficiency.

This easy-to-use functionality of low code and seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 has changed the game for software development and can do the same for your business too!

Empower Anyone to Interact with Microsoft Dataverse using Portals

Put more employees in the driver’s seat when it comes to app development. Power Apps makes it possible to build custom applications for organizations of all sizes.  This solution empowers you to leverage the strength and flexibility of the Power Platform to bring low-code, user-friendly Portals to internal and external users.

Benefits of Power Apps Portals

Build responsive websites with a new dedicated portal designer and step-by-step guidance with no code required.

Give users secure access to your data. Set authentication requirements, customize data for each user, and allow users to submit their information privately.
Integrate with all Microsoft services including Power BI and Power Automate to enable your users to interact with you from anywhere at anytime.
Streamline the approval process by eliminating manual processes around coding and testing. Your business can become effective and respond to customers quickly.

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