Thanks to an Embedded Dynamics Solution, Product Configuration for Manufacturers Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Quick configuration-based quotes are becoming a benchmark for the average customer. Customers who have the luxury of witnessing the user end experience it as the click of just a few buttons. For those with configure-based products, you know that internally, the process is not that simple.

No Longer the Lesser of Two Evils

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has strong sales process and quote management capabilities; however, it is not optimized to manage the added complexity of configurable products. There are many work arounds that allow you to utilize product configurations within your system, but they are just that, work arounds. Enter stage left, CPQ Sync by Cincom. CPQ Sync is a cloud-based solution that can be directly embedded into your Microsoft Dynamics System, it is not a work around, but the final component to optimize your system for your products.

The Full Package with a Bow on Top

With CPQ Sync, all ends of the experience become nice and simple. Customers can access automated quotes on product pages or as part of a shopping cart and it creates a simplified experience for your Sales, IT, and Finance teams. With the implementation of CPQ Sync the customer experience is met, giving you the opportunity to exceed it. Experience more sales dollars per quote and higher quote volume with this full quote-to-cash solution.

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