Professional Services Blueprint

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365

Professional Services Blueprint is part of the Dynamics Blueprint series from CRM Dynamics powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In today’s digital age, building a trusted relationship and maintaining a solid reputation on project delivery, while exceeding customer expectations is the new standard. You engage in a highly personalized experience with your customers and the Professional Services Blueprint will allow you to better manage your sales pipeline, manage customer relationships and have better oversight of your projects.

Top 3 reasons why you need Professional Services Blueprint:

  • Configured for Professional Services - This solution is configured to support a 360-degree view of your business.
  • Team enablement - This solution provides your team members with a common platform for sharing information.
  • A platform for the future - Think of the blueprint as laying the foundation for the future, with options that you can add over time including Project Management, Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Telephony, and ERP.

360-degree view of the customer

Provide insights into your customer data that includes 360-degree views on your customer’s journey including lead generation, opportunity management, proposals, and implementation services.

Project Oversight

Project oversight capabilities including key project attributes, team activities and document management. Projects can include those with set start and end dates in addition to ongoing service contracts.

House Holding

Group a series of contacts under one household: show information related to the  household such as past sales and projects.

Demographic and Segmentation

Provides you with the opportunity to segment your customer base to allow for business planning and targeted messaging.

Cloud Telephony

Optional: Extend CRM to include VoIP telephony, Chat and Chat Bot functionality.

Reporting and Analytics

The solution includes robust queries, charts, dashboards, and Excel reporting integration.  It optionally works with PowerBI to provide best of class analytics. 

Customer Service

Connect to your customers and work from anywhere with an internet connection.


The solution includes training assistance on solution functionality.  It also includes a Gap process and core platform how-to documentation. 

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