Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail

You need an end-to-end retail solution that delivers a unified experience across all channels.  The Dynamics 365 retail solution offers comprehensive support to operate a wide range of business processes, such as merchandising, inventory, and channel management capabilities. It also provides immersive customer experiences across all touchpoints.


61% of retail store managers believe that shopper are better connected to product information that in-store associates

89 %

Companies with omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain approximately 89% of their customers

51 %

Shoppers made 51% of their purchases on the web in 2016

47 %

47% of digital customers desire a consistent personalized shopping experience from one channel to the next

Cart Recovery

Identify and target shoppers who abandon carts. You'll be able to deliver personalized messages that re-engage and convert. Emails will be dynamically created with order and cart information so that your marketing team can focus on what's really important. 

You will be able to gather insights such as abandonment rates, recovery percentages and recoverable revenue. ​Integrations with your existing e-commerce platform will allow you to utilize Microsoft Power BI for accessible reporting and analytics.

Product Recomendations

Engage with your customers throughout their shopping journey. With a 360 degree view of all a customer's interactions, we can seamlessly provide the customer with suggestions based on their search history. 

Integrating with your existing eCommerce system will allow you to gather important insights about your customers and deliver them customized emails. 

List Segmentation

Target the right customers by segmenting them into appropriate list. Our solution will offer you two simple ways to get the right people the right information. Customers can either be added dynamically as their information changes in your system or they can be added to individual lists. 

Your customers will find their inboxes filled with relevant information to them, and your business can track successful conversions.

Integrations with the most popular eCommerce platforms