Sales Blueprint

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Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365

Maximize the potential of your lead generation, sales management, and overall pipeline forecasting. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Sales Blueprint we can bridge the gaps in the sales process to ensure that no opportunities are missed.

Sales Blueprint Features

Outlook Integrations

Manage all your contact and organizations in one system that integrates with Outlook.

Deal Management

Manage your sales opportunities to maximize your chances to win more deals.

Dashboards and Reporting

Reporting for the sales pipeline can help identify any backlogs or bottlenecks that may occur in the sales process.


By tracking how your staff approaches each contract and by seeing what is and is not working you can create sales coaching opportunities.

Event Management

By having a full 360-degree view of the account, you can better map out a plan that will allow you to reach your objectives more quickly.

LinkedIn Integration

Easily reference the wallet share for each account to allow you to better determine what level of resource you should assign to each account.

Talk to an expert

Motivate your staff to strive for excellence with a built-in sales scoring system. Identify coaching moments for staff that may be struggling. Gain a fuller view of the strengths and weaknesses of each team member so you can assign the right leads to the right staff.