Sales Ready Data

Are your sales and marketing staff tired of using stale databases with incomplete customer information?

Microsoft Dynamics has teamed up with the venerable Scott’s Directory to provide you with a dynamic updated customer data tool that will allow you to better target your prospects. By integrating licensed Scott’s data and your Dynamics CRM database, you’ll be able to approach the right customers at the right time, all the time.

With SalesReadyData, your campaigns will convert more leads into sales as you’ll have the added capability to cross-reference new companies and potential clients and existing customers. Focusing on their similar needs will improve your sales and marketing effectiveness. You’ll have more confidence in your sales and marketing capabilities as you’ll be able to generate more demand for your products and services, manage more leads through the sales cycle, transition from marketing to sales and measure campaign success.

By minimizing the amount of time your sales team spends data mining with pre-loaded lists of qualified leads, SalesDataReady increases sales productivity and shifts the focus from getting potential customers to converting prospects. Are you sure that your database has the most updated customer data? With Scott’s Directories, your database’s accuracy is guaranteed, improving your marketing response rates. You’ll benefit from enhanced reporting for improved opportunity identification. Prospects that have begun the sales cycle will be accurately identified with the Horizon Report allowing you to better measure results.

With SalesReadyData you’ll be able to update data directly in the system. Duplicate data will no longer be a concern as a mathematical algorithm ensures straight forward matching to avoid loading duplicates into your system. And you’ll have the added capability of loading data from internal sources giving you additional flexibility.

With CRM Dynamics Sales Ready Data, your sales and marketing teams will always have the data they need to drive their campaigns!


Rob Triggs

Rob’s unique selling style makes him immediately relatable to customers. As a results oriented sales and marketing leader Rob works closely with customers to help shape how they drive value from CRM. Experienced in the most popular sales methodologies, Rob’s expertise lies in incorporating traditional outbound sales techniques with innovative inbound digital marketing and CRM. As a Fortune 100 award-winning sales professional and certified sales coach, Rob is a sought after sales resource, coach and speaker.