Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) over SalesForce?

Your CRM Solution should have a Positive Impact on your Business

  • Avoid Locking yourself into a contract 
  • Implement a CRM that works natively with Outlook and other Microsoft Technologies to become more efficient (example Office 365)
  • Avoid paying high costs $$$ for additional cloud storage

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If you are already using SalesForce for your business or you’re considering migrating to Salesforce, you should know that it will likely cost you more money than other comparable CRM systems. With the expanding prices and contracts that lock you in, our research shows the total cost of ownership of Salesforce is the highest in the industry. When compared to other enterprise class CRM choices you will see a much higher and faster ROI from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and you may not see any positive ROI if you choose SalesForce...