Why SalesForce Will Cost You More Money

If you are already using SalesForce for your business or you’re considering migrating to Salesforce, you should know that it will likely cost you more money than other comparable CRM systems. With the expanding prices and contracts that lock you in, our research shows the total cost of ownership of Salesforce is the highest in the industry.  When compared to other enterprise class CRM choices you will see a much higher and faster ROI from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and you may not see any positive ROI if you choose SalesForce.

The reasons why businesses choose SalesForce are different, but the increasing costs are the same suspects.

  1. Add-On Expenses

    The included features of SalesForce are fairly basic. Like most businesses, you will likely want to customize your system to meet your specific needs. The AppExchange allows third party providers to create niche solutions to fill the gaps that SalesForce cannot. Most new apps are additional cost per month, on top of existing SalesForce costs.

    There is an option to have a developer create something specific for your SalesForce solution, however this can be a costly decision. SalesForce uses its own proprietary coding language, “Force”. This means you will have to find a developer with experience developing for SalesForce. It can have its own set of hurdles including deployment delays and unforeseen costs.

  1. Wasted Time

    When your core CRM users are spending time switching between systems they’re less productive. By not keeping productivity top of mind, the SalesForce system can result in lost and wasted revenue. Your key salespeople will spend time agonizing on how to use the system properly, and struggle to input data.Ultimately this means that you’re not going to see the results you need after you implement SalesForce. Your team won’t use the system, and you won’t be able to see the data you need for your business to function properly.

  2. Storage Costs

    Many CRM solutions are now based in the cloud, including SalesForce. There are two things to consider here:

  1. Do you want your data stored in the cloud?
  2. How much will it cost to store your data?Many businesses are limited as to where they are allowed to store their data, or for other reasons require an on-premise option or at least a data center in their own Country.  For this reason, SalesForce is not even a contender. They do not offer an option for on-premise.If you choose to go ahead with SalesForce in the cloud, you should consider how much data you will be storing. The costs for additional storage with SalesForce is around $250 per gigabyte, while the same amount of storage with Microsoft Dynamic s 365 is around $10.

There are other options when it comes to choosing the right CRM system for your business. Going with SalesForce might be something to consider, but the operating costs should be something to seriously consider before signing a contract.

There was a time when SalesForce was the right choice for most looking to automate sales process. That time, in our opinion has passed. Come take a look at what Microsoft Dynamics can do for your business and we guarantee we can offer it to you at a substantial savings over SalesForce.