Sport & Event Blueprint

Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Sport & Event Blueprint is a CRM solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. It is built for organizations that want to maximize profit and automate activations without the learning curve of a new software program. 

Special Events

Lead, Account and Opportunity Management For:


Season Tickets

Special Events

Group Experience Sales


CRM Dynamics Sport & Event Blueprint is a module-based solution that enables you to pick a solution that matches your business needs and requirements

Optional components Include:

Game Day Operations

  •  Scripts & venue operations list
  • Organize and create team assets
  • Automation of sponsorship contracts
  • Organize and store account, and game-day information

Payment Processing & installments:

  •  Customer balances
  • Import external ticket system data and reporting


Ticket Sales

  • Manage bookings and directly sell season, and flex tickets
  • Import external ticket system data and reporting
  • Seating management for season ticket holder


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