What can a Sport and Event Management CRM Solution do?

Planning sporting events, galas or fundraisers is no small feat— from the logistics of your event day, ticket sales, sponsorships, and to billing, it can feel next to impossible to manage without the help of technology. That’s why we’ve combined our deep knowledge of Dynamics 365 and Sports & Events to create a Blueprint solution that seamlessly integrates within your Microsoft suite. It is built for organizations that want to maximize profit and automate activation without the learning curve of a new software program.

So, what does our Sport & Event Industry Blueprint CRM accelerator do? An overview below:

1. Sponsorship and Marketing Management

Understanding that sponsorships and marketing are an integral piece to any events success, our Sport & Event CRM Blueprint enables users to organize their inventory and store all assets in one place with a user-friendly interface. Beyond this, the sponsorship capabilities allow users to build group experience packages as well as automate and standardize sponsorship packages.

2. Season ticket Sales & Management

With our Sport & Event CRM Blueprint you can import any external ticket system data (including Ticketmaster!) into CRM to manage and report against their bookings. To further integrate, the Blueprint also enables ticket sales for season ticket holders right through CRM and has the capabilities for users to manage season ticket seats.

3. Game or Event-day operations:

We know planning for an event/sporting event can be stressful—but when it comes to event-day, the pressure is on! That’s why with the Sport & Event CRM Blueprint you have the option to include a central hub dashboard that manages all game/event day operations. The hub includes a milestone dashboard to manage all staff, volunteers, calendars, and deadlines. The central hub gives quick access to things your event might need most: game/event day scripts, assets and much more.

4. Payment Processing

Included in our Blueprint, users can view payments and customer balances, and create customizable payment schedules for partners/customers right inside of CRM!

And best part? Everything with this CRM system is completely customizable. The Sport & Event Blueprint is a module-based solution that enables you to pick features that match your business needs and requirements.

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