How start-ups benefit from a CRM (and how you can afford Microsoft Dynamics 365)

We all love a story of a successful start-up business. The success of entrepreneurs drives the economy and innovation.  

However, starting a new business isn’t without challenges – huge challenges. If that wasn’t the case more people would be out doing it. Chief among those challenges is finding the cash to invest in the type of infrastructure that you need to be successful.  

That’s a shame, especially as it relates to a good CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics 365. However, now there is an affordable option for new businesses that want all the advantages of a CRM system at a fraction of the price.  

CRMD-HSO’s Quick Launch Blueprint might be exactly what you need to ensure your start-up is successful.  

Still need convincing? Here are 6 reasons start-ups benefit from a CRM system: 

1. Organized records  

Start-ups might not have the resources to dedicate a staff member to record keeping. Rather, the task might be shared between several different people, all with other responsibilities. Yet, it’s important to have detailed records about your customers and potential customers.  

A CRM offers a centralized platform that is consistent and easy to access. That gives you easy access to the information you need, when you need it.  

2. A history of interactions 

Again, your staff will be wearing a lot of different hats. That means that customers will often deal with multiple people. Wouldn’t a system that kept track of every customer interaction be helpful to ensure that your messaging remains consistent?  

Of course it would and a D365 does just that.  

3. Sell, sell, sell

All start-ups need to do one thing especially well – they need to sell their product or service. The sales engine of Dynamics 365 is the bread and butter of the CRM and it has a proven record of helping companies reach their sales goals.  

With QLB, you can gain that benefit at a fraction of the cost of a fully customized implementation.  

4. It makes you look good 

Start-ups are often looking for further investment and having a CRM system in place will give potential investors the confidence they need to believe in you.  

If you’re willing to make an investment in high-end business software, you are committed to the long run.  

5. Customer first service 

When you are starting a business you need to find a way to stand out from the legacy players in your market. An easy way to do that is to provide a personalized level of service to your customer that a larger company can’t match. Dynamics 365 allows you to easily keep track of information on your customers that will provide you with vital information that allows you to treat each individually. The simplest thinks can make all the difference – knowing a William prefers to be called Will, not Bill and that his grandson is the star of the local soccer team might be reason he decides to go with you over the big, cold business across town.   

6. A system that grows with you 

The great thing about starting your business with Quick Launch blueprint in place is that you have a leg up when you can afford to add even more powerful Dynamics 365 features. Microsoft is constantly increasing the function of D365 and when your revenues justify an upgrade you’ll already be part of the way there.  

Quick Launch Blueprint is designed to be affordable to small businesses like yours. Reach out today to see how start-ups benefit from a CRM and how you can get a leg up on your competition with this Microsoft CRM solution.   

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