Set up a Subscription Center in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of the strongest approaches used to connect with prospects and customers, as there is no channel with a wider reach. Businesses can do a lot of with emails-- sell products, increase brand awareness, improve cart abandonment rate, or even share a story. All in all, because email is one of the most cost-effective ways to connect with your audience, there are many considerations surrounding the management of consent.

According to CASL, all marketing email messages must include an unsubscribe link. With a subscription center you can include a do not email check box or present several additional subscription options, such as newsletters, webinars, events etc. By presenting several different mailing lists on your subscription center, you gain an opportunity to learn more about your contacts' specific interests while also giving contacts more options beyond the legally required "do not bulk email" option. 

Steps to set up a Subscription Center in Dynamics 365 Marketing? 

Step 1: Create a subscription list 

  1. Go to Marketing > Customers > Subscription lists to open a list of existing subscription lists. 
  2. Select New subscription list on the command bar. A new list is created, preconfigured to function as a subscription list. Enter Name for the list and fill out the other information as needed.
  3. Select Save to create the subscription list. After saving, you can use the Members tab to view, edit, or remove members for the list. Usually, however, you should allow your contacts to manage their own subscriptions using your subscription center. 

Step 2: Add a subscription list to a subscription form 

Now that you have a subscription list available, you can add it to a subscription form.  

  1. Go to Marketing Internet Marketing > Marketing Forms. 
  2. On the command bar, select New to create a new one. 
  3. The Marketing form templates dialog box opens, which helps you find and choose a template to help get started. Select the Filter button near the top of the dialog box. 
  4. The Filter panel allows you to select a template of the correct type (subscription center), so begin by filtering the template list by setting the Form type to subscription center 
  5. Select one of the subscription forms now shown in the gallery. We're using the “heraklion” template as the example in this procedure, then choose Select. 
  6. Your selected template is now copied to your new form design. 

As you can see, the template has already provided the following: 

  • A basic contact-information form that includes several typical fields 
  • A Do not email check box (which is required for all subscription forms) 
  • A Submit button (which is required for all forms) 
  • Two headings with placeholder text surrounded with square brackets. 
  1. Within the tab, scroll down until you find the Subscription lists heading. You should see the subscription list that you just made listed here, plus any others that were already in your system. Drag it from the Toolbox to the space under the Newsletter subscriptions heading. 
  1. On the command bar, select Save to save your new form. 

  1. On the command bar, select Go live publish the form, which makes it available for use on marketing pages. 

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