Top 10 reasons to go to CRMD’s VP of Sales and Marketing’s talk at Collaborate Canada

In 10 days, CRM Dynamics VP of Sales and Marketing Rob Triggs will speak at Collaborate Canada in Toronto. 

Over the next 10 days we will preview Rob’s talk by presenting the Top 10 reasons you should attend Rob’s talk at Collaborate Canada. Make sure to visit this space every day as we reveal the list.

No 10: The importance of time

When you go to a brick and mortar store you expect to be served quickly, right? If you were to stand at the counter for 10 minutes and be ignored you’d probably get frustrated and leave.

If we accept that prompt service is an expectation in person, why do we not have the same standards online? CRM Dynamics has tested more than 1,800 businesses and has found that the majority do not respond to sales inquiries – at all.   Those that do respond take an average of four days to get back to the prospective customer.

Rob will speak to how other’s tardiness is an opportunity for you. If you dedicate resources to immediately respond to digital leads as they come in you will see a bump in your sales figures.

No 9: Make the customer feel valued

The digital space is crowded and prospective customers have more choice than ever before. It’s vital that you do things that make you stand out.

Yesterday we talked about how responding quickly to digital leads can help drive sales. Beyond that it also has another benefit – it makes prospective customers feel valued. By showing that you are responsive to their sales inquires they will trust that you will also be responsive to their needs once they become customers.

In his talk, Rob will show how his sales strategy not only drives sales, but also creates customer loyalty.

No 8: Proven technique

Rob doesn’t just teach the techniques he will talk about at Collaborate Canada. He implements the strategy at CRM Dynamics. So, he knows it works!

At CRMD we respond to all leads that come in during business hours within 5 minutes. We find that doing so often leads to a dialogue with the prospective customer. Through that conversation we are quickly able to identify what leads are business opportunities and what ones are not a good fit. Every conversation we have is tracked through our CRM, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

After implementing the 5 minute response rule we saw a 220% increase in our sales, nearly immediately.

No 7: Rob’s expertise

The theory he preaches is great, but the way he presents it makes it fun and easily digestible. Rob is a dynamic speaker who loves to help people succeed in their sales goals.  That joy comes across in his talks, which entertain as much as they inform.

His C.V. is pretty good too. As the VP of Sales & Marketing at CRM Dynamics Rob helped the company grow to be named to Microsoft’s Inner Circle, which represents the top 1% of global Microsoft Business Applications partners. Additionally, he has more than two decades of experience in the information technology space, working with Xerox, Soft Choice before coming to CRM Dynamics.

No 6: Get the most out of Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a powerful platform, but many companies fail to use it to its full abilities. Unlocking D365’s full power can lead to remarkable success.

As the VP of Sales & Marketing at CRM Dynamics, Rob has leads a team of D365 experts that have showed more than 700 companies how to maximize their ROI on a Dynamics 365 implementation. Rob will help you understand how the software can help transform your sales processes and lead to you meeting your growth goals.

No 5: His co-host’s expertise

Rob isn’t the only speaker who you’ll be seeing. He will be joined by Marie Wiese, the senior marketing executive and founder of Marketing CoPilot, an award-winning digital marketing agency that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs turn their websites into lead generation and sales machines.

As the author of the award-winning business book, You Can’t Be Everywhere: A Common Sense Approach to Digital Marketing for Any Business and is the host of two successful business podcasts, The Common Sense Marketer and Women Talk Tech, Marie is a can’t-miss speaker who will only add to the value of Rob’s talk. . 

No 4: It’s not sales OR Marketing, but rather Smarketing!

One of the biggest differences in sales today versus what it as like before we entered the digital marketplace is that the divide between your sales and marketing departments has been blurred.  

In this environment you cannot afford to be siloed. The two departments must work together to achieve you goals.

Rob was ahead of the curve in this regard. He pioneered an approach to selling that he calls Smarketing, which merges the two departments into a single, efficient machine that will drivesales.

Learn about how you can emulate that approach at Rob’s talk.

No 3: No Lead Left Behind

One of the great advantages of Rob’s sales technique that he will detail in his talk is that it tracks every single lead that comes in and gives each the proper attention.

Too often leads are lost by companies simply because no one followed up on them. Rob will help make sure that doesn’t happen to you. He will preach the importance of assigning leads quickly and putting the onus on your sales and marketing staff to make sure every lead is chased to its conclusion.     

No 2: You’ll drive your profits

As we have outlined over the last nine days, the main benefit to our process is that it helps drive your overall profits.

And, isn’t that what it’s all about? Rob will constantly drive home the message of how our techniques consistently drive revenue. You’ll see the difference almost instantly and that early success will drive you to further success.

No 1: The value of Collaborate Canada

Beyond the value of Rob’s talk, the Collaborate Canada event will provide you with an invaluable opportunity to build professional relationships and fuel your Microsoft Dynamics product knowledge.

You will have countless opportunities to create lasting relationships by networking and collaborating with Microsoft Dynamics 365 users, MVPs, and industry experts.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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