Transform How You Manage Your Operation With CRM For Credit Unions?

By partnering with CRM Dynamics, a credit union client was able to increase its media buy efficiency by 20% in just three months. 

In the final quarter of 2017, the credit union found itself in a bit of a dilemma – they were becoming too successful. Effective management of its mortgage broker and branch channels, as well as aggressive rate promotions had driven mortgage lending at an unprecedented pace.

Obviously, this was a good problem to have, but it still presented the client with a critical challenge. The credit union needed to grow its deposits quickly to support the growth in lending. 

So how did CRM Dynamics help?

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In just 90 days, our client was able to generate significantly more leads than in the past to easily hit their revenue targets. That was in large part to the increase in media buy effectiveness.

 An independent analysis revealed that increased efficiency of the media buy, integration of lead management with Dynamics 365 and the utilization of the CRMD created portal, resulted in a 20% improvement in the cost of dollar deposit acquisition when compared a promotion carried out in June 2017.

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