The Unified Interface is coming this summer – be ready!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a highly versatile program that is constantly evolving to reflect a changing work environment. Microsoft is always adding apps that allow workers to do their job more effectively, from wherever they need to do it from.  

With the new Dynamics 365 Unified Interface that commitment has been solidified, along with advanced capabilities that work across desktop, mobile, and Outlook. 

With all Dynamics 365 users required to switch over to the Unified Interface no later than Oct 1 and some users even sooner than that) it’s time to get ready for the Unified Interface and to learn how it’s going to make your D365 experience even better!  

Here are a few reasons why the move to the new, Unified Interface is something to be celebrated:  

  • A+ navigation —   

The Unified Interface just makes more sense on the screen. With a fully customized, smaller command bar your staff will have a more enjoyable experience in Dynamics 365. Whereas in the past you may have spent valuable minutes searching for the right place to click, now it’s intuitive. That saves your staff time and frustration and lets you focus more on the important task of making your business work.   

  • Forms! Forms! Forms! –  

The new, Unified Interface replaces sections with tabs, which will allow your staff to move efficiently through the screen. Unlike your legacy interface, you won’t have to scroll to see valuable information. Instead you can get all the information that you need in seconds and you can easily move between relevant forms without losing your place. That makes things easier for you staff and, in customer service interactions, less frustrating for your customers since your staff can help them faster and more efficiently.   

  • Supercharge your flow to stay ahead of the game! —  

The business flow that is. One of the biggest advantages Dynamics 365 is found in how it improves your business flow. The Unified Interface takes it to another level. Everything has been designed to allow you to do the things you need, quicker and with better tracking. You can keep on top of your tasks better and get your work done effectively.  

  • Work where you are   

Increasingly in 2020, your office is where you are, not somewhere you travel to. One of the best changes to the new, Unified Interface is that is fully functional on mobile devices. That lets your staff work from home or from the field without losing productivity.  

If you haven’t made the change to the new, Unified Interface you should speak to a D365 expert to analyse what your needs are. We can help make the process as painless as possible. We are offering a free United Interface Readiness Assessment. In it, we will help you understand what your next steps are. 

Simply contact us today  to get your free United Interface Readiness Assessment!

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