What can Change Management do for my organization?

How does Change Management work during our Dynamics 365 Implementations? 

When working on client projects, Change Management begins within the Discovery phase of a project. In this phase we provide 2 key deliverables that are Change Management specific: Success Metrics Workshops and a High-Level Change Management strategy.

The Success Metrics Workshop is a facilitated session that helps all key stakeholders articulate how the project “success” can be expressed in measurable business outcomes and KPI’s. The value of this is to ensure that the project has a clear definition of the end results they are targeting and the benefits that are critical to deliver.

During the High-Level Change Management Strategy, Change Managers build out an extensive document that captures the customers readiness for change and the impact of the change. We work closely with our clients to conduct a variety of assessments and gather insights which in turn, becomes recommendations and guidance on how to manage the specific change within the organization.

Beyond our 2 key deliverables we support our customers through workshops that focus on an organization’s gap in their internal change process. We identify areas of opportunity that help build change competency or support the realization of benefits. The topics for these types of workshops are all customized to the needs within the organization and are focused on supporting people within their change journey.

Lastly, we offer Client coaching, where we can work with Executive Sponsors and Middle Managers on how to build their sponsorship skills, manage resistance, create strategic alignment, and apply best practices. The coaching sessions help on a more individual level and allow support to be targeted to ensure that the individual is addressing their own development gaps.

Why choose a Microsoft Partner who offers Change Management? 

A business gets the return on their investment not when a new technology is implemented but when the business and people objectives are met.  A partner that offers a great technical solution and expertise on the people side of that solution is truly a partner striving to support their clients success. 

Our Change Management team is naturally triggered for the initiatives that are large and complex in nature and scope, however our solution can be tailored to the needs of all clients.  At CRM Dynamics an HSO Company we strive to ensure that our client’s success is at the forefront of what we do.

What are the consequences of not managing the people side of change?

We all know change can be difficult for a lot of people, especially when it comes to a technological implementation. Often, its easy for employees and even Sr. Leadership to feel overwhelmed with the change- leading people to revert back to an old way of doing things, or worse, the change being totally scrapped.

Each time any implementation fails to achieve it’s business objectives, there are short term and long term costs. The most significant costs are when employees confidence in leadership decreases. This can lead to resistance to change, impact morale, which ultimately increases the cost of the implementation.

In the long-term, if change isn’t managed, the company strategy is not achieved. Applying a structured Change Management approach, ensures that resistance is planned for and managed which in turn, has a positive impact in the short and long term for any organization.

Change Management provides frameworks for both employees and Sr. Leadership so that change can be adopted and successfully implemented. Beyond this, it supports all levels throughout the journey and allows organizations to bridge the gap between people and technology.

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