What is a Microsoft Power Virtual Agent?

How do I get Started with a Power Virtual Agent? 

Building a Virtual Agent isn’t as hard as you would think. To get started, just follow the provided link and create an account: www.powervirtualagents.microsoft.com > Start Free > Create account and Log-in. Once you’ve created an account it will bring you to the digital agent designer, and just like that, you are ready to start! 

What sets Microsoft Power Virtual Agents apart from other Agents? 

With no laborious set up, The Microsoft Power Virtual Agent is a SaaS system, with no set up involved, [with little] sign up that quickly allows you to start building your chat bot. The product uses a “graphical interface that makes it super easy to get started and you can feed your chatbot with existing FAQ content from existing websites, order topics with natural language using entities, variables, and slot filling to jump to pertinent questions”. Further, to ensure your chat bot can take specific actions, it can take specific conditions based on power automate and connecters to connect to your backend systems. To ensure you’re getting the most of your system you can monitor the chatbots performance and continuously make improvements over time. 

What’s Next for Microsoft Power Virtual Agents? 

The Microsoft team is “adding a multi-user capability [which allows you] to bring in numerous content experts to author the chat bot at the same time” and creating “the chat bot in 20 + languages [with] more to come”. 

For more information on the Microsoft Power Virtual Agent or to talk to a virtual agent expert, contact us here.  

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