What Power Apps work for Higher Education Institutions?

In the Higher Education space, we know there are many options for school apps that all seem to promise to do different things. But how do you know which is best and what works for your Higher Education institution?

 Like other D365 apps, Power Apps leverages the “Common Data Model”. The Common Data Model is the idea that the suite of Microsoft Products, including D365, Microsoft 365 (Office) and Power Platforms, are hosted in a single location within Azure.

The Common Data Model allows data to flow between the applications without the need for expensive and unstable integrations and or connectors.

Beyond the Common Data Model, Power Apps are extremely useful when it comes to simplifying processes for higher education institutions. With various touch points, and students at different points of the application process, it becomes tedious for school administrators to manage enrollment and get a complete view of the student’s journey.

So, how do they work? For example, the Power Portal App can be used on a Higher Education’s main website to collect data. With real-time chat bot integrations via Customer Voice, Universities and Colleges can send out surveys to see how prospective students are liking the admissions process— giving Higher Education institutions actionable insights on how to improve.

To further integrate your student experience, the Power Portal App allows students to easily log-into their accounts, upload admissions information, register for classes, book appointments, pay off tuition bills, and make overall decisions about enrollment. Allowing students to do so on one convenient portal, keeping all their information in one place.

Power Apps are also commonly used for scheduling. Power Apps allow organizers to easily access campus tours, invites, interviews and with the D365 Marketing integration, Higher Education Institutions can SMS text students who booked a tour, welcoming them with info and thanking them for their time!

Power Apps for Higher Education can be used in so many ways! If you have any questions or would like to learn more, check out our webinar or Talk to An Expert!