What the Microsoft Cloud For Non-Profit Can Do For You

Since its inception more than a decade ago, CRM Dynamics an HSO Company has put a focus on working with Non-Profit organizations by supporting them with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This history of working in the Non-profit industry was enhanced by Microsoft's launch of the Non-Profit Accelerator as part of the Microsoft Cloud for Non-Profits.

The suite of solutions created for Fundraising and the Operations for Non-Profits were specifically designed to address common roadblocks these organizations face. The difficulties we found they were facing could only be resolved with expensive custom solutions and timely implementations. An issue that is no more, with the Microsoft Cloud for Non-Profit.

Through multiple release waves of the Non-profit Accelerator, Microsoft has aimed to include functionality to manage program delivery, beneficiary management, fundraising, volunteer management, and finance and operations. Building on an already comprehensive platform, today the accelerator has expanded to include capabilities for back-office and frontline workers and volunteers to be able to measures impact and build transparency between organizations and their funders.

Taking a deeper look into a few of these features, here are 3 reasons to start the conversation for the Non-Profit Accelerator today:

1. Fundraising – Transform the processes around donation management for gift processors and business analysts to be more efficient. Including faster gift entry, data imports, batch processing and more. Take a wider ‘big-picture’ look at prospect management with workflows to ensure fundraisers are attracting more donors.

2. Non-Profit Guided Learning and Support – Guidance at your fingertips, as needed! Be the first to gain access and knowledge about features and functionality, reducing the time and effort needed to track down resources, file support cases, and much more.

3. Visual Relationship Indicators – Get a 360-degree view of all constituents which allows non-profits to gain visibility into major donors, recurring donors, board members, beneficiaries, volunteers, or influencers. Gain insights to positively influence engagement using visual cues on contact and account records to help your team quickly understand a constituent’s relationship to the organization.

Interested in learning more about this Non-Profit Accelerator and taking your first steps to transform your organization? Talk with one of our experts today.