How can Dynamics 365 help Manufacturers digitize?

With supply chains becoming more and more disrupted due to the pandemic, having a technological stack to help improve and track supply chain management is becoming extremely important for manufacturers.

It is crucial that your technology platform is integrated, intelligent, user-friendly, scalable, and secure. Luckily for you, Dynamics 365 does just that! Dynamics 365 has multiple business apps that can help keep your business on track. The comprehensive, cloud-based collection of apps helps break down any silos between the front and back-end processes that ultimately help manufacturers unify distribution, engage with customers, and gain visibility into processes.

So how can the suite of D365 help your organization? Check out some of the most popular business apps, thousands of Manufacturers are using around the world:

1. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management: With Dynamics 365 you can track your organization’s inventory that will help improve operations, view real-time inventory data, and make decisions quickly. The solution also helps you maximize productivity and streamline sales and operations planning.

2. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights: Gain audience insights and understand internal and external behavior with real-time data, enabling you to use AI to streamline your data.

3. Dynamics 365 Sales: Dynamics 365 can help manufacturers build trust and relationships with customers using real-time insights and the ability to personalize customer engagements across multiple channels.

4. Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Improve customer loyalty with omnichannel and self-service customer service functionalities.

5. Dynamics 365 Field Service: Optimize scheduling and empower your frontline employees so that they can deliver and access the right information at the right time with smart-route planning and predicted travel and work duration.

With the increase of digitization, it is making it more possible than ever to create technology-first factories and warehouses. Dynamics 365 can unify your relationship with customers, partners, and suppliers improving ROI and reducing time to market. Talk with one of our experts today to see how Dynamics 365 can help you!