What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics 365: Field Service April 2021 Release

As a part of our series of blogs New in Dynamics 365, check out our blogs on New in Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service! In this release, we are focusing on Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Dynamics 365 Field Service continues to be a big player in the field service management space. As new releases and technologies emerge, Microsoft continues to emphasize and transform the customer service landscape, incorporating state-of-the-art routing and scheduling functionality, process automation, and more.

In this release, Microsoft focused on simplifying the app and scheduling experience for both the customer and organization, as well as enhanced knowledge management.

So, what’s new in the April 2021 Release?

Technician tracking

To help improve the customer experience, Microsoft has launched a new feature that allows for customers to view the technician’s location on a map. This lets the customer know the status of their service visit and timing. All of which, ultimately increases customer satisfaction and less cancellations.

Streamlining app set up

With the Field Service app, administrators can get up and running even faster using a new and simplified experience. With this streamlined app experience, you can have a full-view of your technicians, service accounts, create schedules, and access knowledge, now faster than ever.

Enhanced knowledge management sharing

Understanding that the field service app is critical for technicians, Microsoft has now embedded knowledge management into the mobile app. This update now allows technicians to better serve customers, resolve issues, all without internet access. To improve knowledge sharing, technicians can now write and link to knowledge articles and content to better help their fellow coworkers on their future visits.

Optimized scheduling

Microsoft has released a new feature that enhances the scheduling experience allowing dispatchers to have a 360-degree view of the technician’ schedule. The new feature now includes a map view allowing  administrators to see the technicians daily route, what the appointment is regarding, and when. Beyond this, it enables administrative staff to view technicians’ appointments from other calendars. This update ultimately allows the dispatcher and administrator to have a comprehensive scheduling view and schedule experience.

What’s Next?

In summer 2021, Microsoft will launch the preview of the embedded Teams collaboration, which allows users to communicate within the Dynamics 365 workspace and link conversations with work orders. Dispatchers, managers, and technicians can all communicate through Team’s conversations, enabling a more collaborative work environment. 

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