What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing: April 2021 Release

In our fourth and final installment of the series, we bring to you the updates and new features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. With these updates Microsoft aims to arm you with the tools to use all your data efficiently and effectively. Check out the other blogs in the series covering Customer ServiceSales and Field Service! 

Microsoft describes the key themes of this release as delivering deeper personalization with your communications, doing more out of the box with channels, and giving you the insights to deliver better results from your marketing activities. 


Starting with this release, Dynamics 365 Marketing will be using AI-Powered engines to connect the best content, messages and images to your content in the design process. Enabling your team to create and deploy emails faster than ever, you will now be able to target customers using their preferred channel without needing to make changes to your original content. D365 Marketing will use AI to achieve your goals more often by connecting with the customer in ways they engage with the most. 


Taking the existing A/B testing feature and making some changes has made the tool a game-changer for your results. In the new release, the feature will allow you to test the same message across different channels, different message altogether or any next action. Marketers can now monitor all their journeys in real time and track the success and impact of the various steps in the customer journey. Lastly, set goals for your journeys at the front, and track your customer engagement, satisfaction and success along the way. 


Find new and exciting ways to connect with your customers with the new Channels features. Now equipped with ways to connect through SMS messaging – you can craft an end-to-end experience with personalized messages and scheduling capabilities. The new centralized asset library will have your assets easier to find with search, create, update, and delete options. Lastly, create emails quicker and with less effort without compromising editing capabilities, image options and work-flow productivity. 


Every great marketer is always looking for ways to personalize their content without compromising their time. In this update Microsoft is bringing you closer to just that. Using a point-and-click interface, you will now be guided through your available data while creating personalized content across email, SMS and push messages, adding information that is found outside of the contact recordsCreate hyper-personalized customer journeys using Dynamics segments and the data collected in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. 

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