What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service: April 2021 Release

As apart of our new blog series to keep you in the loop on all things new in Dynamics, we're kicking it off with Customer Service!

COVID has had such a large impact on the Customer Service landscape. Now more than ever, there has been an increasing demand for customer service teams to deliver more consistent and engaging experiences,. 

Microsoft has released some exciting new features for D365 Customer Service. These new features streamline agent communication, help resolve escalations and issues faster, allowing for a better customer service experience.

Let's deep dive into some of the new features for the April 2021 release:

Unified routing

Understanding that monitoring support queues can be extremely time-consuming, Microsoft has introduced unified routing. Unified routing ensures that customer service cases are being allocated to the best agent and organized into the correct queues. Using AI, organizations can create and build custom rules, apply machine learning tools that distill incoming customer escalations that will automatically classify problems and match to the best agent available

Federated Knowledge search and knowledge insights: 

For most organizations, knowledge is often stored in different tools, making it difficult for D365 users to access everything in one centralized place. In Microsoft's new release, Microsoft has built a tool called federated knowledge search. This tool can access results from multiple places in the Microsoft Dataverse in one single search. The federated knowledge tool will enable customer service agents to pull knowledge faster and ultimately be able to resolve escalations faster.

Optimizing Service Delivery with insights:

As apart of Microsoft's new release, having better line of sight into large issues for managers is extremely important. With the new state-of-the-art insight dashboards, managers are able to see escalated cases, overall case morale, satisfaction and action any support needed. The new insights dashboards highlight KPIs, agent performance and knowledge alerts which allow both managers and agents to optimize and improve support.

Increasing Agent productivity with AI: 

In the world of customer service, learnings from previous cases and knowledge is one of the best learning tools. To better help this process, Microsoft has implemented an AI-driven suggestion that allows agents to find look-alike information. Beyond this, Microsoft is now expanding to support additional languages such as; French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese

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