Help your employees work from home with Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  
― Benjamin Franklin 

The famous words above are true in all aspects of life, but it is especially the case when it comes to business. You need to be ready to pivot at any time when circumstances warrant it. And, you need to be ready to move in whatever direction the world moves in.  

Fortunately, there are technologies by Microsoft that can help you be better prepared. 

One great example of that can be found now, when more and more businesses are needing to shift to a work-from-home model. Although, the need to provide remote options for workers is something that has existed for a while now, the reality is that many businesses have been slow to react to this need.  

So, when the unexpected happened and they need to operate remotely they are caught ill prepared. While they struggle to adjust, those businesses that were already set-up to seamlessly move into a remote working environment are getting ahead and taking your business.  

If you are one of those companies that has been caught off-guard by the need to move to off-site operations, don’t fret. We can help you both in the immediate days and in the future, when things return to normal.  

Although, it should be reiterated that working-from-home is, or should be, normal in 2020.  

Those companies that already have Microsoft Teams understand that and have adjusted to digital workplaces. Teams offers workers the opportunity to set-up shop wherever they are in the world, while still maintaining constant contact with the office.  

Teams allows for: 

  • Productivity gains and more effective communication 

With instant sharing of files and information you are able work without delay 

  • Better focus on your work 

Everything is in front of you in one, easy to understand and see place. You get your work done better and faster! 

  • Increased transparency 

Everything that you do is trackable and time stamped. Managers can easily keep tabs on their workers 

  • Seamless move to a digital workplace  

Most importantly, Teams allows you to move into a modern, digital workplace.  

The benefits of Teams are further amplified when combined with the power of Dynamics 365. Teams can easily be integrated with your CRM solution to push your transformation forward.  

Don’t hesitate to act. Stop losing opportunities to companies that were better prepared and start your transformation now.  

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