Workflow Scheduler

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365

In a busy business environment, it can be easy to miss the details of a daily workflow when you are distracted by the pressures of a big deadline, or important meeting. As much as you intellectually understand the importance of maintaining a consistent and efficient workflow process, it can be easy to let things slip when the other pressures start to pile up.

With Workflow Scheduler you can set-up automated processes to help you stay on track. That allows you to spend more of your time focused on the important tasks that can drive your business forward. Additionally, by automating every day clerical tasks you can save more money that can then be reinvested into the business.

Keep on top of your leads

With a multitude of leads coming in every week it can be difficult to stay fully informed. However, as a sales manager you need to be and that’s where Workflow Scheduler can help.  A simple workflow can be set up that triggers an alert to be sent out to a manager or salesperson once a certain criteria is met. That way you know that nothing is getting missed.

Azure Security

All of your Workflow Scheduler data is stored in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. You can rest assure that you are benefiting from being part of one of the most trusted, secure and reliable Cloud networks in the world – all powered by Microsoft innovation.


Keep on top of your billing needs by triggering reminders to customers or members to settle bills or pay memberships. You can send invoices out by month, two weeks or whatever parameter you choose. When a customer or member’s Credit Card is set to expire, you can remind them to update it to avoid problems with pre-authorized payments.

Build sustainable relationships

When you are handling multiple accounts it can be difficult to remember the personal details of each of your clients. You can set Workflow Scheduler to send out birthday, anniversary and other important milestone greetings to maintain that personal touch that is vital to the sales process. 

Manage administrative tasks

The clerical needs of any organization are vital to their success. However, in many businesses it is difficult to find the time or resources needed to effectively complete such tasks as efficiently as desired. 
This is where Workflow Scheduler can be invaluable. You can set up reminders to do a wide variety of administrative tasks, or set the system up to automatically perform tasks when triggered by a particular event.

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