CRM Dynamics staff member showing the way for next generation of dance choreographers

CRMS staff are always looking to help in the community.

For CRM Dynamics Director of Marketing Kristin McLaughlan, dance has always been an important part of her life. That passion led her to have a successful career in the entertainment industry prior to joining the CRMD family. She traveled and performed throughout North America and remains a talented and successful choreographer. 

It’s a passion that she wants to share with the next generation of emerging dance professionals.

Earlier this year, Kristin founded the Young Creators Choreography Challenge, a showcase and competition for young choreographers. The first edition of the event takes place July 31-Aug 3 in Toronto.

According to Kristin it was important for her to give back to the dance community since it had provided her with so much. In particular, she wanted to provide an outlet for young choreographers. 

“There’s lots of opportunity in Toronto for dancers,” Kristin said. “There isn’t nearly as much out there for choreography. Hopefully, this helps fill that void.” 

The highlight of the week will take place on Aug 3 at a showcase event. There, the top 5 choreographers from each age division will be chosen to perform their pieces one last time in front of judges.

The event is designed to give the choreographers a taste of what the dance world is like.

“This showcase will function as a real professional show,” Kristin said. “We will sell tickets and invite a variety of dance industry professionals to attend so our choreographers can be scouted for professional opportunities.”

“Our goal is to showcase your creativity and get (the choreographers) noticed!”

There’s also a competitive element to the event, with the evening’s best performance earning the choreographer a $3,000 prize.

The Showcase takes place at Toronto’s Factory Theatre. Tickets for the showcase can be purchased for $35. We’d love to see you there!

At CRM Dynamics we encourage our staff to lead diverse and fulfilling lives outside the office. Additionally, we want to be active and contributing members of our community. We feel that ultimately this philosophy is beneficial to our clients in that it gives us passionate, diverse and engaged staff that are ready to help your business thrive with our Dynamics 365 CRM solutions. If you’re interested in taking advantage of CRMD’s staffing advantage, give us a shout.

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